The Advantages of Trademark Registration


What does having a registered trademark do for you? Here are just a few benefits:

  • Ownership: with a registered trademark, you OWN the mark (i.e., your name, your logo, your tag line) for use in your area of goods or services. 
  • Power and confidence: the legal power to stop a competitor cold who starts using it or something similar.
  • You get the ®: only with a registered trademark can you use the ® symbol in your branding and that lets the world know it's YOURS.
  • Elite status: join the many business owners who have invested in their brands and elevated their businesses. Nothing says ELITE like owning your trademark and that leads to more visibility, sales, growth, and legacy-building.

Trademark registration services start at $2,500.

The cost of no trademarks...

  • A rebrand when you get a cease and desist letter = $5,000 - $10,000.
  • Trademark infringement lawsuit = $150,000+
  • Having to stop your business mid-launch and lose customers = $$$ + sleep + peace of mind

What should I protect?


Business names

Course or program names


Tag lines

Product names

Podcast or blog titles