Our trademark registration process


Confirmation of Registrability

 A mark will not be registered if it is merely descriptive, generic, geographic, or a variety of other disallowed features. We confirm that the mark itself can function as a trademark before going any further in the process. We will inform you if there is a way to alter the mark to improve its likelihood for registration.  


Comprehensive Search

An effective search will reveal whether your intended mark would infringe on an existing trademark, therefore preventing expensive legal action or necessary rebranding. Without a proper search, all the time and money you spent towards the registration process will be lost. A search will determine current name usage, assess trademark strength, and reveal potential issues. 

Our search process includes attorney fees, a vendor-provided comprehensive search report with results, an opinion letter as to whether registration is recommended, and legal advice for moving forward. 


New Trademark Application

We ensure that your application is accurately submitted because filing fees are non-refundable. We work to reduce the likelihood of substantive Office Actions or registration delays. 


Our trademark registration process includes attorney fees and filing your trademark registration application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in one class of goods or services ($275 per class). We do not charge additional attorney fees for filing the same mark in multiple classes.