The Lock It Down (LID) Legal Plan

“Legal” should be a line item in your budget, not an unexpected expense.

Stay ahead of legal issues while staying on top of costs.

· Unlimited attorney phone calls on new legal issues

· Up to FIVE contract/document reviews (up to 10 pages each)

· Comprehensive legal assessment to help understand legal needs

· Free document templates

· 15% to 50% off services not covered by the LID Legal Plan

With our amazing subscription plan, you pay one monthly fee and have immediate access to us anytime you need. Each subscriber receives an initial needs assessment, where we examine your business thoroughly, identify your legal needs, prioritize them, then work on your action plan. We personalize the plan to fit your needs, your resources, and your business goals.

Membership in our LID plan provides unlimited 30-minute consultations, so you can make sure that small issues do not turn into huge mistakes. Membership starts at just $129/month.

You have questions? We have answers.

Is the LID Legal Plan right for me?

The LID Legal Plan is designed for creative entrepreneurs with businesses of all sizes. It offers an affordable option for start-ups, small business owners, and creatives. Membership in the LID Legal Plan provides you with access to an attorney when you need one, without having to work about unpredictable billing. This allows you to approach legal issues proactively and consistently.

How can I use the LID Legal Plan?

The LID Legal Plan allows members to receive proactive and immediate legal counsel, ensuring basic legal assess. It can be used for current legal matters or to consider future opportunities and risks. By understanding your legal rights, you can avoid problems and simplify complicated issues such as:

· You have been contacted about licensing your artwork and want to understand the contract. You can have an attorney review it and get an initial review of its contents, pinpointing any red flags or things that could use more consideration.

· A client has refused to pay the balance due on your contract because he claims that the contract gives him a right to refuse your work for any reason he wants. You want to know if this is the case, and how to deal with the issue. You schedule a call with an attorney and get an answer the next day. You can respond to the client with confidence.

· You discovered a website is displaying your artwork. You did not give them permission. Before going on a social media takedown, you want to know what steps you should take. After speaking with your attorney, you decide on a course of action that gets the site to stop, remove your art, or possibly even compensate you the right to use your work. 

· You have written a novel and want to know how to do a copyright registration.

· You are creating a new product line and want to know how to protect your brand name. 

· You want to be able to tell someone that you “need to run it by my lawyer.” 

· You want to know if your new logo can be registered as a trademark.

· You want to share a confidential idea with a prospective partner and want to know how to make sure it remains confidential.

By addressing these issues head on, you can make smart decisions. It can mean less confusion about the law and less disputes.

Does it cover all my legal issues?

The LID Legal Plan serves as basic legal protection for your creative empire. As a member, you can ask an attorney’s advice on your legal issue and have an attorney review agreements. Of course, there will be some things that will take more work than would be possible under the LID Legal Plan. For those matters, we offer a generous discount and competitive flat rates to members.

And it only costs $129 a month? That’s it?

Yep. It only costs $129 a month. That’s $129 a month for phone calls, contract reviews, and the things described above. There are no hidden charges or fees.

How do the discounts work?

Membership has its privileges. The longer you are a member, the better the discounts. New members immediately get 15% off our other legal services, and the discounts get better the longer that you are a member. 

Gold: Get 15% off non-covered legal services immediately upon joining.

Platinum: After 6 months of continuous membership, get 30% off all non-covered legal services.

Diamond: After 12 months of continuous membership, get 50% off all non-covered legal services.

Which services are considered non-covered?

· Setting up an LLC (Louisiana clients only)

· Drafting a professional services agreement

· Contract modification

· Contract negotiation

· Licensing agreements

· Trademark registration

· Copyright registration

· Independent contractor agreements

· Non-disclosure agreements

· All other contract drafting.

· Any other legal services that we provide.

The not-so-fine print:

· Discounts can be used for any services that are not covered by the LID Legal Plan.

· Membership tiers are based on months of consecutive membership.

· Benefits are non-transferable.

· Benefits are only valid while you are a current member of the LID Legal Plan.

· Discounts do not apply to third-party filing fees.

Can I just wait until I have a legal issue before joining?

The LID Legal Plan is set up to prevent and be proactive. By dealing with or discovering legal issues before they become a problem, you can save a LOT of time, money, and heartache. You will have a lawyer on hand who understands the issues you have as a creative. By getting insight into copyrights, trademarks, contracts, and business formation early, you can build your business on a solid foundation.

Even though there are no setup fees, certain benefits take time to kick in under the Plan. The 15% discount will apply after one month and the free copyright registration is only available to those who have been members for the previous three months. The LID Legal Plan becomes more valuable the longer you are a member.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel whenever you like and there is no commitment to stay on.

Can I suggest features for the Plan?

Yes, please!!! The Lock It Down Legal Plan is one of the first of its kind and is designed for its members. By learning what you want and what is useful to you, the Lock It Down Legal Plan can be improved.

Can I get a discount if I pay annually or quarterly?

Yes. Please contact us at if you would like to set up quarterly or annual billing.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

The Lock It Down Legal Plan is provided by Creativa IP Law LLC, a Louisiana law firm that serves creative entrepreneurs. Send us a message via our "Contact Us" page or schedule a discovery call.

I want in! How do I sign up?

You can get the Lock It Down Legal Plan right now. Check out the link to the right. 

Join the LID Legal Plan

The Lock It Down Legal Plan is designed specifically to give creative entrepreneurs access to an attorney when needed. By having consistent and available legal help, members are making the wise choice to protect and grow their businesses.

The LID Legal Plan gives members easy online access to their attorney. In just a few minutes, you can join the Plan and have access to a members only site where you can instantly schedule a time for your attorney to contact you, get a confidential review of your contracts, or provide more information about any legal matter. 

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