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How much does this cost?

Filing for a U.S. trademark requires a filing fee of at least $225. These filing fees are paid to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and are not refundable, even if your application gets denied.

Our trademark packages start at $2,000. We have payment plans available. 

If you would like to learn more about our prices and our packages, please contact us.

What is a trademark?

A trademark can be a business name, logo, tag line, product line, course name, book series, podcast, blog, or other "source identifier" for your business. Think of trademarks as your brand - when you customers see "X," they know it's coming from your business.

Trademarks prevent customer confusion. Wouldn't it be confusing if there were two Apple computer businesses and you didn't know which one you were getting your MacBook from?

Trademarks are vital for a growing business. They allow you to exclusively claim your brand assets so that (1) a competitor won't steal them and (2) you don't have to worry about another business making you change them.

Do I need trademark protection?

The real question is why wouldn't you protect what you've built? 

Building a business that offers quality products and/or services takes enormous amounts of hard work, dedication, and courage. The effective branding of those products or services takes valuable time and creativity. It only seems right that you protect your considerable effort and investment. Think of the sales you could lose if another company opened up down the street using your same name. 

As you would guard your personal and financial information, as a business owner, you need to take proper steps to protect your brand in order for it to remain your brand identity.

When you use a name, logo, or tag line as a trademark without registering it, you do gain some level of protection from consistent use over time. This is known as "common law" trademark protection. Common law trademark protection is geographically limited. It only protects where you've been using the mark. If you launch your business and only sell products or services in New Orleans but plan to expand beyond that, you will not be protected outside of New Orleans. Anyone could start using your mark in Miami, or in Chicago, or anywhere else in the country and you would have no rights to stop them. You also would not be able to expand under that trademark in those areas.

Federal trademark registration gives you immediate federal protection throughout the entire United States regardless of where you're currently operating. Without federal protection for your brand, you are playing with fire and ultimately taking a big risk not getting burned.

Why do I need a trademark attorney's help?

Trademark laws are complicated. There is no sugar-coating it. 

For most entrepreneurs, your brand is one of your biggest and most valuable assets (probably your most valuable). You need to make sure you protect your trademarks, but you also need to be confident that you understand how to properly protect your brand so that you have peace of mind. 

Hundreds of trademark applications are filed each year, and a majority of them get rejected. You can file an application on your own or use a "low cost" document completion service, but you won't get an understanding of how trademarks work and what is in the best interest of your business. 

Working with a trademark attorney will give you the following advantages:

  • You will get an understanding of how strong or weak your existing trademark rights are
  • You will be aware of any significant risks that could cause your application to be rejected or limited... before you apply
  • you have an idea of what trademarks you own and which ones should be priority
  • you save a lot of time trying to figure out the law and process
  • you get peace of mind knowing that an attorney is communicating with the trademark office for you

Why do I need Creativa IP Law's help?

We have the following services available to help you protect your brand and secure your rights. If you are interested in any of these services, you can hit us up via the form on the Contact Us page or schedule a one-on-one call with Nicole. 

U.S. Trademark Application

We can help you apply for a U.S. trademark registration. We will conduct a comprehensive clearance search of several databases, prepare and submit the application, and represent you throughout the entire application process. When the application is successful, or if there are challenges along the way, we will keep you updated and work with you on the next steps. 

Search and Monitoring

If you are not ready to apply for a trademark registration, you should still be closely monitoring the federal trademark database to make sure that no one attempts to claim a trademark that is similar to yours. 

If you already have a registration in place, you have a duty to monitor the database and enforce your rights. If you do not enforce your rights timely, you risk losing your strong trademark protections. 

We offer search and monitoring services starting at $400. 

One-on-one calls

If you would like to speak with a trademark attorney for advice about your trademarks and which service (if any) we recommend, you can schedule a one-on-one call with Nicole. 

Is Creativa IP Law the firm for me?

We might not be for you if...

  • You are looking for a firm to handle all of your business legal needs. We only protect brands. We focus on trademarks because they are important, valuable, and critical to your business. If you are looking for help with patents, contracts, copyrights, or anything besides trademarks, please feel free to reach out to us and we will do what we can to connect you to a lawyer who can better assist you. (But if you ask nicely, we might help you do a copyright registration. You never know. And we do have contract templates available....)
  • You need IP litigation services. We focus on helping you secure strong trademark protections. We help you be proactive. Otherwise, things can get scary. And expensive. We prefer scary movies, not scary law. But if a dispute arises or if your rights are being infringed, we can connect you with a litigation firm. 
  • You prefer working with the downtown suits. If you can't tell, we are pretty casual and around the way. We are usually blasting Wu or Tribe if you run into us (okay, me - Nicole). We love working with the creatives and the passionate entrepreneurs. We keep things simple, positive, honest, and real. And fun. You will laugh at least once during our calls.

We might be just the right one for you if...

  • You are open to becoming friends with your legal team.
  • You are passionate about your brand and have big goals. We want you to have peace of mind and clarity.
  • You don't have time to do this on your own or risk a low-cost option getting it wrong. Your time is important. We want to help you focus on generating revenue and building your legacy. Leave this to us. It's our thing.