About Me

Nicole Gaither

Hey y’all! I’m Nicole Gaither, a New Orleans girl, a hip-hop aficionado, and you need me. Why, you ask? Because my business is to protect your brand, your content, and your creations. I am a Louisiana-barred attorney and Georgia Certified Public Accountant. I decided to go to law school because I wanted to practice entertainment and sports law. 

After trying out a few other practice areas (consumer and bankruptcy; family and domestic violence; federal employment discrimination; social security disability; housing; and tax law), I knew that I wanted to work with small businesses, start-ups, social entrepreneurs, brands, and creatives. I am passionate about (more like obsessed with) art (music, film, photography, and painting), food, travel, sustainable products, branding, people making the leap to starting their own companies and brands to build wealth, and people who want to make our little part of the world a better place. As a result, I started my own firm – Creativa IP Law.

I chose to serve business owners and creatives. I want to empower creative entrepreneurs with culturally relevant legal tools and tips for their businesses. 

When starting your business, the last thing you should do is wait until you have serious issues before contacting an attorney. Even if you are on a tight budget, wouldn’t you rather pay $1,000 - $2,000 now versus five or six figures later because you opted to do your own legal work? Consider that initial fee an investment in you and making your vision a reality.

Fun Facts About Me

  • Hosted TSTV's Hip Hop Half Hour while at Tulane.
  • Lover of travel and history.
  • Knows that Nasir Jones is the GOAT (5 mics!).
  • Believes (well, knows) that The Wire was the best television show ever.
  • Has watched all 24 Bond movies at least twice.
  • Serves as a Volunteer Attorney with The Ella Project of New Orleans.

Bar Admissions



· Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, Juris Doctor

· The University of Texas at Austin, Master of Professional Accounting

· Tulane University, Bachelor of Science in Management, Accounting

Photo Credit: Adrienne Battistella

Photo Credit: Adrienne Battistella

About Creativa IP Law


  • Encourage our clients to think about where they want their business to go so that we can work with them to develop legal strategies that support their long-term goals.
  • Give our clients our absolute best because client service is our top priority.
  • Develop strategic relationships with attorneys in other practice areas and other service providers to make sure our clients have all of the resources needed to make moves and decisions. The law is not the only part of our client's overall business plan and strategy. 
  • Continuously refine and develop services that meet our clients evolving needs.
  • Provide our clients with the legal services needed in a cost-effective manner.

We'll answer the questions you don't even know you should be asking:

  • What's the smartest way to protect your brand?
  • Do you need to register this copyright or trademark?
  • What do you do if someone steals your work?
  • How do you deal with a copycat?
  • How can you set up a profitable licensing program?
  • What's the best response to a cease and desist letter?
  • Who owns the copyrights and trademarks if a collaboration doesn't work out?
  • How can you maximize your business's assets and turn your IP into revenue?

We work with our clients to identify and strategize how to protect the intellectual property in your business. Together, we'll create a plan to help you achieve your business goals.