Do you want to protect your brand?

We help women entrepreneurs trademark their brands and protect their brilliant ideas

What We Do Here at Creativa IP Law

Hey you! You are here because you have created an awesome and amazing brand and you are ready to protect it. 

As your business starts to grow, you cannot afford to have your brand's trademark stolen, or even worse, you are sued and have to go through an expensive rebrand.

  • You want to build a legacy.
  • You want to continue to build wealth.
  • You want peace of mind in your business.

We are here to help you. 

Our New Orleans-based boutique firm provides accessible trademark registration services that help entrepreneurs build and protect the value of their businesses. We pride ourselves on not only providing trademark legal services but on building relationships with our clients and becoming a part of their strategic business team. We have a 100% success rate. We bill flat fee rates as opposed to hourly rates to give our clients some predictability for their legal expenses.